About Us


Who We Are A little about us


Fishing.Cool is a travel website designed to showcase hunting land nationwide. Our focus is on easily assisting fishers in finding the best hunting land destinations putting the hunter in direct contact with land and business owners.

Fishing.cool is also showcasing the surrounding towns, promoting local activities, events, restaurants and lodging giving the hunter and his family the ability to plan and create the perfect Fishing.Cool vacation package.

Connecting More Than Fishing

InstaCatch Software

Our InstaCatch software offers booking capabilities not only for the landowner but individual fishing guide, guide companies, bait shops, local activities, events, restaurants, lodging and connects to most management systems for larger companies.

We’re committed to connecting the fisher directly with the landowner/business giving the customer the ability to create their own personal Fishing.Cool vacation package.

Benefits Fishing, Landowners, Businesses



More visibility of your business to customers nationwide!


Reliable back-end software.

User Friendly

Keeping users and Area businesses connected.

Transaction Based

Cost to list is free until transactions are made!

Paid Directly

Each listing can be set up independently according to the landowner or business’ preference, allowing users to get paid instantly.

Direct to Client

Landowners / Businesses directly deal with their clients.  We are simply a platform to get you connected and make the sale.

Localized Platform

Hunting.cool is giving the landowner/business and town its own platform capabilities to help sell localized opportunities and keep the money local.


Many different technological options to accommodate everyone. Plan your entire trip in one online location.